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Just What I needed

Kay is genuine, honest, and kind and immediately puts you at ease in a very relaxing environment. The reading was exactly what i needed at this time in my life.

Thank you so much for making the connection with my mum, the loving messages and information that were coming through. Everything you related to me was accurate, it meant more than you could ever imagine. I went broken hearted but came away like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It also gave me great comfort to be assured that my love ones are around me and happy.

Blessings to you

MC xx 


Before I met Kay I had no belief in an afterlife or any spiritual aspect to my life. After my first reading I was completely left shaken at how someone I had never met could provide

me such personal, accurate and deep information. I have experienced many readings and healings over the years, however every time I am still blown away by Kay's work with spirit. A life changing experience and one I will be forever grateful for.

Kind regards



I have been seen Kay for the last 4 years
I started by joining her spiritual classes, where she has a unique way of explaining, where it was easy to understand and follow the classes. She makes you feel welcome and
comfortable, as there is no judgment, or shame in who you are and the journey you have.
uncounted. This is why, I started the long journey of healing. Its like peeling the onion, as
you go through each layer, there is new memory’s and feeling that is brought up. I have
been suffering from PSTD and have been trying to heal from the trauma and the change my behaviors that come from the result of PSTD.
From the healings, advise and spiritual reading from Kay she has made this transition state easier to understand, and move quicker through the different stages.
I am so blessed and grateful for this gifted beautiful earth angle to be in my life and to give me the love and support she give naturally to the one who passes through her life
I have witness and experience her own growth in her spiritual gifts, she is becoming.
stronger as the years goes on, and I’m blessed to experience this through her healings.



I first met Kay at a Psychic High Tea many years ago. She was able to give me insight to reach home prior to my mothers passing. I will always we thankful for that.

Over the years she has been able to guide me through many difficult life experiences, and always leave there with a happy heart.

Kay's healings are divine and I would always suggest following a reading session with a healing session.



Just wanted to say a big Thank You to Kay for helping me and encouraging me through my family difficulties over the years. Kay you have a unique gift and a wonderful clear connection to my love ones in spirit. I completely trust your level of integrity as well as your uncanny ability to be so accurate, that's why I always return for your help and guidance. Thanks again!



I first saw Kay after recommendation from my mother who had been seeing her for years for readings and healings.

Kay made me feel so comfortable instantly and has such a fun, caring, nurturing energy.

She guided me through a very difficult time in my life and helped me put into practice ways of coping and helped bring lots more positivity and optimism into my life.

Kay confirmed lots of signs I had been feeling from people who had passed, and I always leave with a very full heart. There are always lots of laughs when visiting Kay also.



I've had a couple of distant readings and couple healings with Kay over the past 6 months. The readings I've had she's picked up on certain situations and people in my life with precision. A few things I'm still waiting to see if come to pass. But very accurate so far.

My first healing I did feel a sense of calm over the days following and lighter and less stressed. She also included a family member in that particular healing as they were in for an operation and let's just say this was the second operation they had. The first one was before I met Kay, and there was lots of pain and struggle in their recovery. The second operation after Kay included them in the healing, they came through with not as much pain, recovery was ALOT easier for them and healed very quickly in the months following. 

The second and most recent healing I had with Kay I wanted to get as I myself was going in for operation at the beginning of the year. During our phone call before the healing started Kay picked up straight away on the exact part of the body which I was having operated on. (She didn't know what my healing was for prior to this moment) and well I genuinely came through everything with no pain, no issues and everything went so great I was shocked to be honest. I can't thank her enough for the healing energies put forth for both my self and my family. Forever Grateful.

I will definitely be back for more of both healings and readings in the future.



My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Kay during our very first read she did for us at the beginning of 2017. As you entre Kay's wonderful home, you will always be greeted with a tremendous amount of warmth and comfort. You will a sense of peace, calm and stillness, which can only be experienced. Kay is an amazing lady, with a very strong sense of pride and passion to support he clients in need. Through spiritual teachings, kay provided guidance and assurance through various challenging situations we heave encountered, from medical issues through to selling our properties.

Over the years of embracing Kay's with my family, my health, and guidance, I have learnt to prioritize and redirect my energy towards key things in my life, which includes relationship with my family, my health and our Finances.

Through Kay's readings and Pranic Healing sessions, she has assisted us with seeing things clearer, with a greater sense of confident and ability to handle any situation fearless.

We are extremely gratefully and honored to have met Kay and we would not only recommend her to anyone, but also encourage them to ensure that they put Kay's guidance into practice.

Kay, thank you for always supporting us. We are very blessed to have met and amazing person like you.

S & R.



Kay has always been a voice of calmness and wisdom that has allowed us to connect with our loved ones in the higher world. Through her guidance and know how, we were able tap into our higher soul and understand the platform of meditations.

Kay's readings are so powerful, specific, and spot on. She knows about things that happened to me 40 years ago. Her humility and gratefulness will make you comfortable and the experience to be exquisite.

Kay is also very knowledgeable and will give you health and meditation tips to improve one's wellbeing. My wife and I consider Kay as our spiritual mentor and we have no hesitation in saying that her readings have improved our lives and provided us with the different explanation on why thigs were not working or needs changing.

Love and Namaste 

Dan & Jen


I contacted Kay for a reading and healing simply because she came into my mind on more than one occasion. My intuition guided me and I am so very grateful I listened and responded. To have a reading with Kay is to have a conversation; it is also to be guided, affirmed and challenged. I am reminded I am not alone and that support and that support from spirit is more available and warm thank I know. The cards surprise me with their directness and support. 

Experiencing a healing with Kay is like slipping into an energetic bath. It is so easy to let go and enter the healing process. It was profound. It was healing - beyond my expectations and imagination. The healing I experienced through Kay has had material effect. It has changed my exerence of who I an in terms of self-acceptance. Slowly I continue to intergrate the reality tha I am Loved.



My reading and healing sessions with Kay have changed my life in ways to amazing to detail here, suffice to say I would highly recommend her to every single person, knowing her gift would do the same for them.

With Kay's help, guidance. and healing, my family has been healed and reunited, and my spiritual journey and connection to spirit has blossomed beyond my wildest expectations



From the moment I was welcomed into Kays home , I was put at ease by her heartwarming and caring personality . I had been having a really hard time physically and emotionally and had not had the energy to fill my script of my much needed blood pressure tablets , but she wasn't to know that .To my total amazement Kay who had commenced my healing session stopped it and enquired whether I normally suffered from hypertension . She then focused her healing on trying to lower this . After the healing I left with a sense of well being and inner peace and now a day later I still feel so much calmer and my blood pressure reading remains at a normal level . It is with a feeling of gratitude to beautiful Kay that I post this testimonial and recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their feeling of wellbeing

Tess Dianella





            I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Kay during a reading she did for me From the minute I entered her welcoming home which had an amazing feel. I realized that  Kay was indeed a very special lady with a beautiful personality. Everything she detailed to me was very heartwarming, and credible.  I found myself waiting on her every sentence and was delighted after receiving much needed confirmation of certain aspects of my life and circumstances. Since my reading and the additional healing Kay administered without question. 

 I have highly recommended that close friends make contact with her.

 Kay I cannot thank you enough as my life felt in disarray and I couldn't seem to work through it until I had the fortune to cross paths and I am certainly looking  forward to yet another visit in the very near future. 

Bless you beautiful lady

Warm Regards



Meeting Kay was a wonderful experience.  She is genuinely warm and caring and put me at ease within minutes.  I did not tell her what had brought me to see her and did not share anything about my life and family.  Through the use of her cards she began to talk to me about the very concerns that had prompted me to seek out her skills.  I was brought to tears by the accuracy of her readings and her descriptions of the people in my life!

Her ability to “channel” my grandmother was overwhelmingly profound, bringing forward so much healing.


Since my session with Kay I have felt more peaceful.  I continue to revisit many of the things she shared with me and they continue to bring me clarity and comfort.


I would highly recommend Kay to anyone looking for a sense of inner peace and answers to relationship questions that are left hanging.  Her warmth combined with her excellent psychic skills makes her a reputable healer.






Let me start by saying Kay is an exceptional being and has a wonderful personality. I started attending her meditation classes which taught me how to cope with stressful situations and be more peaceful within myself.


I have had two readings with Kay and she has been very accurate with the information regarding my grandparents. It was so lovely to be able to connect with them as I was a young girl when they left us.


I also attend her psychic development classes, which have helped me start to use my intuition more. She has a very unique way of teaching and shares her knowledge without hesitation, I feel very safe and supported.


The Reiki one workshop was well presented and planned. We were provided a manual with the history of Reiki and pictures of the different positions to place your hands and much more. Kay made sure we all changed people we worked with so we could feel the different energy between people. All this makes the difference between being a good teacher and a great one. Master Kay has definitely found her niche, and we are all so lucky to have the opportunity to be her students. I am so grateful that she puts her heart and soul into her work.






Testimonial for Kay Gallagher

I approached Kay Gallagher because I was in need of a Spiritual Teacher to guide and assist me in my own Spiritual journey. Kay’s explicit method of teaching when conducting Meditation classes is helping me develop a calm mind, remain focused and develop my intuitive skills. In February 2015, I enrolled as a student in a Reiki class, Kay Gallagher being my Reiki Master/Teacher. Kay was well prepared and organized and presented her teachings in a clear, concise manner. Her Reiki manual, issued to me during the course, has been very beneficial in assisting me when referring back to information. Her follow up session a few months later, definitely helped reinforce the knowledge I had learnt in this course. I have had positive and encouraging feedback from people I have subsequently given Reiki Healing. I most certainly feel that I am mastering this concept due to the guidance, expertise and dedication of Kay as a Spiritual teacher. To date, I continue to attend Spiritual Workshops with Kay Gallagher as she is a committed and dedicated teacher, passionate in what she does and treats others with compassion and dignity. I trust that the information provided will be of assistance and I will be happy to provide further information, if required. Yours faithfully, Denise Fenn



"Master Kay is one of the most extraordinary, loving, intuitive and compassionate person I have ever met. She has a genuine gift for healing and willingly  devotes much of her time and life to guiding and helping those in need. She has assisted me, and hundreds of others, in ways that have made our lives happier, healthier and more meaningful. A beautiful soul with an ever giving heart and true healing talent. Love you Master Kay and thank you for all you have shared and taught." X x x x x x x x






All testimonials submitted here are available for contact if required.














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