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Psychic and Clairvoyant Readings

 “Service to Spirit"

Genuine, compassionate, spiritual medium, combining both psychic and clairvoyant abilities to connect with loved ones that have passed before us, giving evident proof and messages from our loved ones and allowing  us to help  heal our grief and gain an understanding of eternal life. 

Working with intuitive psychic energy  for guidance in the different aspects of your life, allowing a sense of direction and enlightenment, and for you to be able to move forward with confidence.

We often find ourselves at cross roads in our life, and seeking to make our world a better place. Or trying to  find what ignites your  "Infinite Light "  and inspires your  soul  with a passion.

All readings are conducted with high regard and respect to both client and those in the spirit world. 

I am able to tune into  to your photos and jewelry ( psychometry) in your readings and you are welcome to bring these items.

 Readings Face to Face in Forrestfield - Perth Western Australia and are available in sessions of 30 minutes and 60 minutes.

Phone readings are also available in sessions of 30 minutes and 60 minutes. 

Phone Readings are also available via  Messenger & WhatsApp for Australia and Worldwide.

Reading 30 Minutes $70

Reading 60 Minutes $110

Spiritual Counselling 

One on one sessions focusing on in-depth challenges in our lives, including personal challenges within us, Relationships, Career, Children and Family. These sessions are used to delve deeper into core areas to bring about not just insight, they become the building blocks to a better tomorrow and a healing and liberating journey moving forward, sometimes we don't know the depths of what's holding us back or where we are stuck!.

Spiritual Counselling sessions are one hour $110

Pranic Healing 

Body - Mind - Spirit -  Pranic Healing  

Scientific and comprehensive healing system of nature and natural law.

Prana is a Sanskrit word for Life Force, It is called "Chi" in India and in Japan its called "Ki".

Since our energy bodies or "Auric Body" and our " Physical Body " merge with each other, if one of the body is effected in ayway, then so too is the other body. So the science of Pranic Healing is based on healing the Energy Body or Human Aura. 

Pranic Healing is a non touch, non invasive healing modality and the process is to remove congested energy and blocks with in the energy system and energize with healthy Prana so the effected area is able to rejuvenate naturally, so very simple, yet so powerful. I have found utilizing Pranic Healing which also includes Pranic Psychotherapy for OCD, PTSD, Fears and Phobias, Insomnia, addictive patterns and behaviors, really take the healings to cover all areas and  levels and while working towards my Associated Pranic Healing Certification and in-depth case studies the results on such a wide range of medical and emotional patients, following proven Pranic Healing Protocols from the Founder of Pranic Healing Master Choa Kok Sui the results were astounding and continue to amaze to this day as more and more clients see long lasting results for themselves and in their daily life and choose to make it a priority to have a session one a fortnight or monthly as part of their own self care and wellness, allowing simply time to rebalance and nurture oneself.  

Pranic Healing is a wonderful healing modality for children as non touch and non invasive and always the child is gently nurtured at their own pace though each session.  

Some have kindly shared their Pranic Healing experiences in the Testimonial section, sessions are for one hour and can be either Face to Face or Distant Healing.

Pranic Healing Sessions One Hour $70 and Children $45

Spiritual Mentoring 

This is a small group gathering held each month for those that have been working on their Mediumship, Healing and Intuitive arts and would like to deepen their practice and understanding, working closely together and supporting each others journeys. If you feel this is for you, message me for more information.   

Gift Vouchers for both 30 & 60 Minutes Readings

One hour Healing Sessions 

Bookings and enquiries can be made on the Contact Page




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