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  Kay Gallagher

  I began my journey in the healing and mediumistic arts   along with meditation over twenty years ago. My service to  spirit world has been the driving  force to gain  better  understanding and techniques  and  I now incorporate and teach those  techniques of   mediumistic arts and healing to others.  This  has been a truly wonderful  journey and I am blessed to learn as much as I teach

on so many levels, and along the way  making  new and long lasting  friendships.  I am a passionate healer for both Reiki and Spiritual Healing and currently volunteer for both Cancer Council and Solaris Care as a Reiki practitioner.

I am also a  meditation facilitator for Cancer Council and  I have found both these roles the most rewarding and humbling of journeys and it has further fueled my passion for healing and to facilitate the teaching of both Reiki and Spiritual healing. Meditation was the basis for my early development and it continues today as I take time each day to meditate and send healing.  With all that I have discovered and learnt I now operate “Meditation in the Swan Valley” allowing others to gain insight and  understanding of  the inner depth of self.  We all look for peace and happiness in life and we mostly look outside of our self,  but it’s in the " Inner Journey " that we truly  find our “peace “.

 Then began my journey of developing my mediumistic abilities with the training of my psychic and mediumship development that still continues to this day. The ongoing  practice, discipline and commitment to the spirit world has kept me focused, centered and passionate, enabling me to work with both worlds and those of our loved ones that have passed before us.  I have been very blessed to be guided and trained by classically trained mediums who have instilled in me the dedication of the

“Service to Spirit".

My Journey continued on to Pranic Healing and with the Spiritual  courses of Pranic and doing Arhatic Yoga has been a wonderful foundation for my Healing, Spiritual and  Teaching platform and has given me the tools to utilize on a daily basis and more importantly when a crisis situation has arisen in my life or families life, through pranic healing has so much to offer for more  information, details and Course  and Clinic please visit

FB   Oneness Centre 


Compassionate Spiritual Medium

Psychic and  Clairvoyant & Spiritual Reader

Pranic Healier & Trainee Instructor 

Pranic Healing Practitioner

Pranic Psychotherapy Practioner

Pranic Crystal Healing Practioner 

Reiki Master / Teacher, Spiritual Healer.

Meditation and Psychic & Spiritual Development facilitator.

Owner / operator of Meditation in the Swan Valley. ( Former )

Meditation Facilitator for Cancer Council Life Now program. ( Former )

Volunteer Reiki practitioner for Cancer Council ( Former )

ASHA ( Australian Spiritual Healers Association ) member & practitioner.

ASHA ( Australian Spiritual Healers Association ) Healing Facilitator

ASHA ( Australian Spiritual Healers Association ) Secretary ( Former )




" The Journey of

self discovery begins with you..."

Phone 0405 743 081


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