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Spiritual Medium - Psychic Clairvoyant - Pranic Healer 

I began crafting my journey in the healing, mediumistic and

intuitive arts along with meditation over twenty years ago after

having been born with these wonderful gifts. My service to spirit

world has been a driving force to gain better understanding and

techniques that I have incorporate and taught those techniques

mediumistic and healing arts to others, truly blessed to watch others blossom on their pathway and making long lasting friendships along the way.

Reiki and becoming a Reiki Master along with Spiritual healing was my first healing modalities, utilizing these for volunteering for Solaris Care and Cancer Council with

both Reiki and Meditation Facilitator, these roles were both rewarding and humbling

and continued to fuel my passion for Healing.

As a classically trained Medium and Psychic, discipline and commitment to spirit world has enabled me to work with both worlds, bring to two worlds together, allowing communication and healing from our love ones that have passed before us and

instilled in me " Service to Spirit "

Meditation and  Esoteric study helps continue to deepen my understanding and

abilities to sever spirit.

My journey and passion for healing lead me to Pranic Healing and with the spiritual courses of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga it has been a wonderful foundation for

both healing and spirituality and the tools to utilize on a daily bases and more importantly when a personal crises arises, I am able to assist myself and others

through and stay focused, centered and balanced and able to give the energy needed and that in itself gives one peace and inner healing.

Allowing others to gain an insight into their own world and giving guidance, tools and techniques to enhance their lives and better the lives of love ones and families, making positive changes to make better tomorrows. I've been blessed to witness some absolutely amazing transformations in clients lives, for that I am truly grateful and blessed and I thank each and every one of them for allowing me to share in 

                                                                   " Their Journey ".

Please read some of their life changing Readings and Healings on the Testimonial Page

On the Contact and Payment page I have listed " My Go To " Resources for you. 



Phone +61405 743 081


FB kay gallagher-Oneness Centre 

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