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Pranic  Healing

Working on all levels of  healing and with the  focus on our minds and physical body  we experience an inner calm and the well being of our minds, clearing and restoring balance to all our energy systems and the ripple effect into our daily life.

There is a strong emphases on the use of cleansing techniques in Pranic Healing .

During a healing session I  will scan to measure the state of energy in the body, the dissolves and disintegrates the diseased, used up energy. Then the energies and apply healing techniques to support the body in the process of healing itself.

Clients report feeling more and more physically and mentally relaxed as the session progresses and physical and psychological results can be immediate or be felt within a few hours. Clients often remark on the immediacy of symptom relief. 

Pranic Healing does not replace modern medicine, but it doe offer exceptional benefits when working together.

Pranic Healing  works on the Physical, Psychological and emotion bodies and offers relief  from Stress, fears and phobias, mental anguish and major trauma            and a vast list of  illnesses.

We have  had some very wonderful results in this healing modality and looking forward to working on very specific areas of healing with Pranic healing  

Pranic Healing - Pranic Psychotherapy _ Pranic Crystal 


Pranic  Healing one hour session $70

Pranic Psychotherapy one hour session $70

Pranic Crystal[ Healing one hour session $70

Gift Vouchers available for Pranic Healing


Healing sessions are  available in Forrestfield Western Australia


Distant healing is sent free of charge, please add the names via the contact page.

Healing is sent out daily in a group Healing session. If you would like a one on one Distant healing sent please state the name of the recipients and make a donation for Distant Healing by using  the donation icon on the contact page, With Thanks & Gratitude

For  more information on Course, Meditation and clinics for Pranic Healing

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Bookings and inquiries can be made on the Contact Page and paid via paypal

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